Our Program

Customized Care


Every person's life story is unique.
Our team is committed to learning every resident's S.T.O.R.Y.


What is S.T.O.R.Y.
Montessori approach to dementia care begins with knowledge about your loved one. This first step naturally unfolds during our admissions process, where we begin to hear your loved one’s S.T.O.R.Y. unfold. We use this valuable information to create a S.T.O.R.Y. box in our Visitor’s Center, build a personalized routine schedule, create and present individualized engagement activities based on your loved one’s strengths and interests, and determine a community role. Through S.T.O.R.Y., we are able to establish a meaningful, purposeful role for your loved on in his or her new home.



S - Strengths

One-on-one activities are presented to your loved one to assess their strengths in four categories: motor, cognitive, social and sensory.


T - Triumphs

Targeted questions will allow us to determine what triumphs and victories your loved one cherishes most in life. If they are having a bad day, we want to be able to use those triumphs to help them overcome it.


O - Occupation

Capturing a person’s trade or profession is an important part of identifying roles within our community. We will use their past skills to formulate activities of familiarity demonstrated in their occupation or trade.


R - Residence / Relatives

We want to know where your loved one lived, and with whom, during the various stages of life. This information allows us to create a memory book with your loved one to help them hold on to their past and their personal identity.  


Y - Youth

The full story begins from a person’s youth. We ask families to share pieces of their loved ones' childhoods with us. This allows us to tap into the first-learned procedures and experiences while reminiscing through specific Montessori sensorial activities.

Every day is a new page in your loved one’s STORY. We are so thankful you have included us in writing this next chapter in their lives.
— Kacye Vanderplas, Director of Education

Story Boxes

Through the S.T.O.R.Y. process, we ask family members to provide special tokens and photos that can be used to help residents hold on to their past and personal identities. S.T.O.R.Y. boxes, located in the Visitor’s Center of every Sundance location, are often a great starting point during family visits and interactions.

The staff is dedicated and obviously places the dignity and comfort of their residents as a top priority.
— Kathrine H. , Daughter of a Sundance Resident