How We Live

Living life with the freedom of choice.


A Good Morning


Coffee begins brewing at 6:30 a.m., and the soft sounds of birds chirping signal it’s time to begin the day. There is no alarm clock or mandatory wake-up time at Sundance. Residents are welcome to wake up when they prefer. Our care staff uses quiet voices in the hallways and while entering rooms to ensure those residents who want to catch an extra hour of sleep are free to do so.

Fresh, healthy ingredients are important. A typical breakfast might include sausage, eggs, a muffin, fruit and a cold glass of orange juice. And, of course, the morning paper, delivered in print the old-fashioned way, just as our residents like it.

Many of our residents are passionate about serving others. As part of our Montessori approach, residents are encouraged to lead activities for other Sundance members.

After breakfast, residents begin their days. Some will wrap up their breakfasts and read the paper, others will venture outdoors for a morning stroll, loosen up with morning stretches or begin their chores around the complex.




Coming Together
for Meals


Birthday Traditions
We make sure to discuss with family members how their loved ones’ birthdays have been celebrated in the past and honor any traditions that help them remember it’s their special day.  Whether it’s baking the birthday cake, arranging centerpieces or singing “Happy Birthday,” residents are involved in the festivities according to their unique skills.

Residents Gather for Lunch
To signal lunch time, 50s and 60s tunes are played. Think, “Here Comes the Sun.” As music plays softly in the background, residents can begin gathering at the tables for lunch at 11:15. The music stops, and the chime of a bell signals the beginning of the meal. Before residents begin eating, a care partner blesses the food with a prayer.

Conversation Cards
Conversation cards are placed on each table to help cue meaningful engagement and relationship-building between residents, care team members and any visitors.


Social Activities

Every day at Sundance presents residents with new and familiar activities to enjoy. At each table in the living room, residents can find sheets of paper with a list of all the events happening that day. They can create a flower arrangement for lunch centerpieces, take a stroll in the backyard or hang out in their rooms—the choice is entirely theirs! 


Reading Together
Reading is the last learning skill that fades, and we want our residents to hold on to that for as long as possible. The books at Sundance are specially designed for and curated by our residents.


Hair Salon
The onsite salon and barbershop is a favorite stop for many residents. Our stylists look at photographs of each resident to make sure they’re giving them a hair style they’re familiar with.

I have more fun here than I have my entire life.
— Barbara, Sundance Brushy Creek resident

Meaningful Engagement Opportunities

When you’re a resident at Sundance, you have the freedom to suggest activities you want incorporated into your community. At our Austin location, we have a putting green for a resident who loves golf.


Creating Art
Part of the Montessori approach calls for hands-on activities on a daily basis. Residents are empowered to create beautiful works of art, which are displayed and sold at art community shows.

Garden Club
Residents can choose from a variety of activities, many of which are inspired by their own passions and interests. Through our intergenerational programs, residents enjoy teaching children about the things they do in their community, like growing vegetables in the garden.

Dinner Meal Prep
As dinner time (5:15 p.m.) nears, residents can help prepare the meal—cutting vegetables, setting tables and more—and clean the dining area or help with dishes when dinner is over.


Ending the Day at Home

Residents choose their own bedtime routine, including their curfews. The care team assists with bedtime routines, giving each resident a friendly, loving hug and providing words of comfort and encouragement: “We’re so thankful to have you here.” “Always remember that you are loved.” “You are special to so many people.” “You are appreciated.”