Our Program

An Overview

Our mission is to glorify God by championing and caring for persons living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. We are committed to affirming purpose and exceeding industry standards by creating a community in which residents are independent, encouraged to make their own choices and treated with respect, dignity and equality.


A Montessori Approach to Care
Montessori learning techniques have been proven to work brilliantly for people living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. The philosophy calls for a person-centered, educational approach, which includes empowering independence and hands-on activities. Learn More

Customized Care (S.T.O.R.Y.)
Every person’s life story is unique. Resident’s strengths, interests, occupation and relationships are all considered when determining the best approach to care. When a new resident joins the Sundance community, each member of our care team is required to learn his or her story to better serve, interact with and care for that resident. Learn More

A Prepared Environment
The environment at each Sundance location is prepared with intent. Yellow signs placed in line-of-sight direct residents to independently care for themselves. Red plates are used to combat macular degeneration that often accompanies memory care needs, while wreaths hang on apartment doors to signal home for each individual. Learn More

Relational Living
Sundance provides an exceptional care team of professionals, including day-to-day care staff, doctors and specialists. With a 6:1 staff to resident ratio, there’s never a time when residents are left without access to care. Learn More


Family Involvement and CommunicationWhen a resident joins the Sundance community, we welcome their entire family to ours. Family members are welcome to visit their loved ones for a meal and attend our monthly events. We also keep them informed with a newsletter and frequent texts and emails. Sundance is also passionate about educating families, like with our partnership with the Ally Bally Bee project, the world's first and only personalized children’s book about dementia.


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